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Sushi Sashimi  – Check out their Menu

Sushi Sashimi is a Japanese brand offering authentic cuisine freshly prepared. We provide a nutritional, fair priced, well prepared meal using only the finest ingredients. No food leaves our kitchen that we ourselves would not eat.

Choose to your heart content!

Sushi Sashimi

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Uzbek Corner

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Brazilian Restaurant

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Malaysian Restaurant

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Nile Cafe

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Iranian Cafe

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And if it all gets too much for you, have a rest at one of the many cafe’s and restaurants within the market where you can enjoy traditional food from the five continents of the world.

“An eclectic indoor market on Queensway, Queensway Market is a warren of small shops housing clothes shops, cafes, ethnic food stores (notably Asian and Brazilian), a hair salon where you can get a decent haircut for a fiver, an internet cafe a computer market and other assorted delights.

Look out for “Psychic Mews”, a recreation of a small mews street inside the market itself! “

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